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Here’s the recommended spots near the UMUSA SHIP. Please use following informations as a reference.

Tourist spot

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Churaumi Aquarim is, as you know without needing telling, a famous tourist spot in Okinawa. The view that various fishes are swimming in one of the largest water tank in the world is spectacular.

沖縄美ら海水族館 ホテルヤンバルニア
Access About 25 min drive away

Okashi Goten Sweets Palace Nago Branch

Okashi Goten, which is famous as original Beni-imo tart brand, has a branch in Nago city. You enjoy not only good sweets, but also.. dinosaur?

御菓子御殿 名護店
Access About 10 min drive away

Neo Park Okinawa

There are plants and animals from the tropics like Africa and Middle and South America. This place suits for the group includes child. Their seasonal event is interesting.

Access About 10 min drive away

Nago Pineapple Park

Tropical fruit is about Pineapples! Best place for pineapple lover. There many things attract you even after you enjoy a guided tour with an automatic car named “The Pineapple”.

Access About 7min drive away

Yabu no Fukugi Tree Road

Line of Fukugi tree that used t be seen in old times, is a kind of tourist spot these days. This Yabu area has one mystical Fukugi tree road.

屋部のフクギ並木 名護市
Access About 5 min drive away

Kouri Island

Kouri Island has become a place where lots of tourist longing for in recent years. The Heart Rock, which appeared in TV commercial and the great view from the bridge are worth a visit.

Access About 25 min drive away

Recommended beaches

Heart Rock Beach

It is a lovely beach for sure, even though it’s very busy and crowded place depending on season because this place is now a famous beach.


Kouri Beach

A popular beach with nature and clear water. Enjoy the view though driving over the Kouri bridge.


Recommended Restaurant

Captain Kangaroo

Just 5 minutes from us. It absolutely matches our SHIP concept and ocean impression. Highly recommended even many people always stand in line.

キャプテンカンガルー 名護市

Restaurant Flipper

The restaurant has been loved by local people. Popular steak menu with nice lobster is very satisfying. Small pies they provide is well-known as good gift. Just 3 minutes drive away.


Gabusoka Shokudo Main Store

It is popular and famous for its Okinawa soba noodle with stewed pork ribs from locals and tourists. It is suitable place for the people who want to try Okinawa soba noodle for the first time. About 13 minutes drive away.


Yanbaru Dining Matsu no Kominka

It has been loved by many people as a Kokuryuton Shabushabu restaurant since its open. This restraint is in traditional Okinawa old house. Enjoy the unique atmosphere the traditional house has. About 7 minutes drive away.

やんばるダイニング 松の古民家

Izakaya 21

The pub always packed with locals offer party menus for banquet, and charcoal grilled Kushiyaki set, etc. Their various menu satisfy you. They offer Awamori(Okinawan sake) as well.居酒屋21

1.5gakuya ocean

Many women love tropical smoothies. This recommended instagenic café with plentiful menu is just 5 minutes drive away from us.1.5gakuya ocean